the world against Syria

During Arab uprising, the world powers tried to manage the crisis. They interfered in Libya and back Saudi Arabia to help Arab dictators such as Saleh of Yemen, Ben-Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt, Al-Khalifa in Bahrain.

In Syria the situation is different. The majority supports Asad’s rolling. But encouraging people to oppose has many benefits for Saudi Arabia, the west, Israel and even Al-Qaida. We shouldn’t forget that Aiman Al-Zhawaheri –the leader of Al-Qaida -recently sent a supporting message to demonstrators in Syria.
Undoubtedly Saudi Arabia and Israel are at the same front now. They are against Lebanon, Iran, Hezbollah and those who support them in Resistance Front. Among them is Syria. Therefore their media started a long tiring attack on the Syria regime. Aljazeera, Al-Arabia BBC Arabic and some other news channels put Syria at the beginning of their news headlines. It is apparent from more important news take place around the world. They have been ordered to bold Syria’s situation in front of the world. Every hour you can turn on your TV and watch one of these channels, I promise the first news is about Syria even if 31 American soldiers died in Afghanistan; Famine kills thousands of people in Somalia; riots in London; etc. Their tool is to play with peoples’ emotions. ‘’10 killed”, “5 killed”,”4 children killed” and so on. All of these killings are condemned but definitely in Bahrain by Saudi and Al-khalifa forces and in Tripoli by NATO the situations are worse. Unfortunately these channels are directing people to think and be concern about Syria. The most ridiculous thing was that the Saudi Arabia called back his ambassador to Syria. A regime that directly killed people in Bahrain now is very concern about Syrian people. The people that came to streets by Saudi’s plan.
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