Qatar and treason القطر و الخیانة

After Syrian unrests we saw many countries that changed their direction from one side to another side in Middle East. From the Resistance group (Lebanon, Iran, and Syria) to the anti-resistance group in which Saudi Arabia is the leader and of course the richest one (the others of this group are Mubarakian Egypt, Zionist Regime, and Jordan). Some gray countries such as Qatar and Turkey played between these two groups. Qatar had a good history in solving regional crisis around Middle East. It amazingly changed its policy against the Resistance group and by starting of what they say; the Syrian Crisis, its role appeared for the anti-resistance group. Al-Jazeera news channel put Syrian news at its top headlines. Emir of Qatar was expected to visit Iran during Ramadan but I think it will not occur because of the negative role of Qatar in Syria. It seems that Assad has been able to end the crisis and to start reforms easier. Therefore the west and their regional allies are emphasizing on propaganda, especially when Obama, after all these controversial, calls for Syria's Assad to quit (Hallucination!!!). This idea is not suitable for this moment. It just shows that all plans and arrangements gone away and by these sentences nothing will change. Saudi Arabia similar to its other attempts to direct the region toward US policies, gained nothing! Unfortunately Qatar changed from gray to black. Some people of Aljazeera staff couldn’t bear this role of Qatar and left this news network, one of them is Ghassan bin Jaddu. His action is appreciated!

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